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All prices on the website are for online treatments. All treatment on location will have an additional rate. All prices are also exclusive of VAT.

Reiki- Let your energy flow

With or without touching, stimulating the flow of life energy. For more energy and peace in head and body.

55 per 50 minutes

Chakra healing- Heal your body

With the hands above the body. Clearing the energy centres of the client's body and filling them with life energy.

70 per 60 minutes

Aura cleansing- Clear your energy

Using powerful stones to cleanse the energy field, clear it of negative energy.

70 per 60 minutes

Kaart lezen- Get clarity and guidance

Reading cards, layouts of 3-5 cards that explain where you are now, for advice and/or answers to a certain question.

55 per 50 minutes

Pendelen- Contact your intuition

By using a pendulum, the client can get answers to life questions. Asking questions has to be done carefully, one question at a time and on which the pendulum can answer with 'yes' 'no' or maybe.

55 per 50 minuten

Cacao ceremony

With sacred cocoa, you are going to drink that to come to yourself in a gentle way. To get insights and inner peace. To lift and release blockages. Consciously (unnoticed trauma) and unconsciously.