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About me

Uriël Sabajo

My name is Uriel Sabajo and I am a spiritual healer with indigenous roots and a strong belief in Shamanism. Spiritual healing is a familiar concept to me. I grew up with it. I have been able to see and experience countless times that not only psychological but also physical complaints can be treated very well this way.

More and more often, I was asked to help people. I always did that with great pleasure. That is why I decided to dedicate myself fulltime to spiritual healing and created Uriël Spiritual Healing.

My motivations are:

Near death experience

I once had a near-death experience. It gave me an insight into what awaits us after this material life. It was very impressive to me and it completely changed my view of life.

With this knowledge and experience, I have been able to help or encourage many people.

False shame

In my practice, there is no room for false shame. If you have a problem, psychological or mental, do not hesitate to come forward. Even if you think I might find it strange or odd. 

In my eyes, every person is beautiful and unique. Everyone deserves to feel as good as possible and to live a wonderful life with as few restrictions as possible. Let this be our starting point.