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Reiki is based on the self-healing power of the body. If energy blockages occur in your body, due to imbalance, emotional damage or physical injury, the body becomes unbalanced. In order to restore this balance and to reduce the resulting complaints, I can give you Reiki.

During a Reiki treatment I pass on energy from the universe to you through my hands. This allows the energy to flow again and blockages are removed. This can be done at my practice, but also from a distance. 

Chakra healing

If you suffer from any of the following complaints and you don’t really have an explanation for it, then a chakra healing might help.

Chakra healing is a powerful, holistic treatment that uses cosmic energy to bring your chakras back into balance.

Aura cleansing

An aura healing is, simply put, the cleaning of your aura. Through the treatment I give, your aura is brushed clean, so to speak, and is once again properly proportioned. Commonly heard complaints that may be related to auras:

Card reading

Card reading has nothing to do with guessing or gambling. Since time immemorial, cards have been laid out to get answers to important life questions. You present your question to me and then, using the cards as an indicator, we put your question to the cosmos. The cards that are then placed on the table are an indicator that I can interpret for you with great precision.

Questions you can ask for example:


Commuting is actually consulting the subconscious mind. For the best result it is very important to clear your head beforehand. Then you can not unconsciously influence the answer that the pendulum gives.

Because this is quite difficult for inexperienced commuters, it is nice to do this together with a trained medium. That way you know for sure that the answer to your question is pure and not influenced.

Cacao ceremonies

Cocoa ceremonies were already held by the Mayans and the Aztecs. They are becoming increasingly popular here in the West. And that is not surprising, because after such a ceremony you feel as reborn. An absolute must for those who are in knots with themselves, suffer from unresolved grief or depression.

The cocoa that is used during a cocoa ceremony is very different from what you are used to from chocolate. The flavor is very intense and has a bitter taste. After consuming cocoa the way is cleared to embrace yourself again. In an atmospheric and relaxed setting, each of the participants makes his or her own spiritual journey. During this journey blockages are dissolved and you reconnect with yourself.

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